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There are many psychology courses offered by online colleges these days. But The Psychology Academy is the only online college that specializes in Psychology. At the Psychology Academy we ONLY offer courses in psychology. And all our courses are taught by working degreed psychological professionals with one mission - to educate the next generation of Psychologists and Psychological Therapists.


Psychology Academy is dedicated to the principal that you should have the opportunity and encouragement to develop to your full potential. Psychology Academy works with you to ensure that you gain the in-demand education, real world skills and experience that will lead to success in your chosen career field.


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Addiction Psychology Counselling Psychology Eating Disorders Child Psychology
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  • I have to say that I really enjoyed the Child Psychology course. I'd been thinking of returning to school for some time but due to work and family commitments I could not find the time. The flexibility of this online course really made a huge difference! I was able to schedule my study time around my work and family time. I look forward to implementing what I've learned at work.
    - M.J.
    I took the Social Psychology course. My instructor was excellent. Whenever I had a question about one of the concepts being discussed in the materials, I would email him and he would get back to me very quickly. He was very patient and understanding with me and was able to make what seemed at first to be very difficult concepts easy to grasp and completely understandable. Even by me! There is no doubt in my mind that his expert knowledge and experience helped me immensely.
    - L.W.
    Psychology Academy provided me with what was without a doubt the hands-down best learning experience I have ever had in my professional career. I took the Counselling Psychology course. The instructor was absolutely an expert in his field! He possessed a thorough understanding of the subject matter and also showed an extensive understanding of background and related material. Talking to him was like having a conversation with an encyclopedia of the psychological sciences. A truly amazing learning experience!
    - R.A.
    I took the Addiction Psychology course. You know, I have taken a number of online and similar courses but I believe I learned more in this course than I have in any other. I feel that many times you study a subject just to learnenough to pass the test then you forget most if not all of it, but this was a very different experience. I feel that I actually learned something from this course, knowledge I can put to good use in my professional and personal life!
    - S.B.
    I took the Counselling Psychology course. The support you get from the staff Psychology Academy is second to none. Whether I called or emailed someone was always able to help me very quickly. Because of a personal matter I had to pause between monthly assignments. The staff very kindly worked with me to give me the time to take care of what I had to do and then get right back into my studies when I was able to. Try and do that in a typical school setting!
    - J.Q.